Elephantish markets.

ねじまき少女 上 (ハヤカワ文庫SF)

ねじまき少女 上 (ハヤカワ文庫SF)

Yesterday, I dug up my review about some BS book called Stalking the BS, and I was also reading Paolo Bacigalupi Windup Girl (which is pretty good, so far). Then I guess it combined with some other current interests and it became a weird dream...

I was explaining to some finance people about this report concerning the central bank of Hong Kong. Who ever wrote the report was rating Central Banks of various countries as A, B, C and they were asking me how they rate this, and how trustworthy they are.

I actually didn't know anything about this report, let alone HK Central bank (FYI, there's no such thing), so I was very scared, but my colleague was there, and she said "Oh, you can explain this, right?" and simply handed over the mike. I thought I'd die, and frantically flipped through the report... and then I noticed that it wasn't too complicated. They were simply rating the various assets and giving it a weighted average, or so it seemed. So I told them that, and then told them that it really was pointless because the Central Bank can actually change the outlook of these assets. "So in the end, these guys are just presenting their gut feeling, which you can either choose to believe or not, but I wouldn't put too much faith on it, ha ha ha."

And then the guys asked me, in that case, why the report talks about a bullish outlook (and I remember seeing a Lamborghini logo there.)

I answered, "It's because bulls just go for it no matter what." Now that I am awake, I realize that this is logical (and correct), but total BS answer for this context, but that's what I answered. I don't know why.

The people said, "But bulls are nothing, lions are stronger, aren't they? Or tigers?"

I full-heartedly agreed, but I told them that elephants should be more powerful, and literally trumps the other beasts. Everyone agreed, and decided that we should hope for an elephantish market in the future.

But then I realized that if I COMBINED the animals that would be more awesome, like tigers on top of bulls, or how about kangaroos on top of lions? (I don't know where the kangaroo idea came from).

After that, the whole dream became a strange version of National Geographic TV with stacked beasts attacking each other, and so the whole dream became pointless, but I was pretty pleased with the elephantish markets... but then, come to think of it, the right expression should be "elephantine markets," although "elephantine" usually means just the size, and it doesn't quite capture what we had in mind.


  • My dreams are sometimes way too serious.
  • My dreams sometimes are very informative, and have good points.
  • Overnight flights in economy class hurts your sides and spines, and leaves you in a half-asleep zombie state all through the next day.
  • I need to prepare for Cambodia.

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